Trump Clicker is an idle clicker game. Click Trump to begin!

Donald Trump ran for president as a joke. To his disbelief he was actually elected despite all the things he said.

Your goal is to get Trump out of the presidency by causing as much Controversy as you can.

Buy amount multipliers:

Ctrl = 10x

Alt = 25x

Shift = 100x

1xC = 1 Controversy
1xKC = 1000xC
1xMC = 1000xKC
1xGC = 1000xMC
1xTC = 1000xGC
1xPC = 1000xTC
1xEC = 1000xPC
1xYC = 1000xEC
1xZC = 1000xYC



- Readded tutorial screen that was disabled for debugging

- Fixed negative money glitch