God of Wifi is a top down puzzle game about an IT guy's journey to wifi divinity. In a world where Wifi is broadcasted as a beam, and it's driving the Gods of Mount Olympus nuts, you take the role of an IT guy who realizes he has a special skill for solving wifi connection problems. As you solve more and more wifi connectivity issues in your home and your workplace, your skills & notoriety grows and you get to face bigger challenges with large companies. Once you have enough experience you will have to take on your biggest challenge yet; Fixing the wifi at Mount Olympus. Are you geek enough to become the God of Wifi?

Made for GGJX.


Music: Mikko "Mishicu" Aaltio

3D: Emmi Isokirmo

2D: Sanna-Mari "Virvaliekki" Salo

UI graphics: Patrick Milvi  

Programming: Miika Kanerva ja Oskari Liukku


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Move the router or computer.

This was a really fun game to play. Wish there was more.